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I’m sorry the blog has been quiet for some time as I have been busy and I am working on another exciting project called The Green Muslima as well as preparing another project about sharing knowledge (blog coming soon In shaa allah).

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Who are our role models ?

If you ask most young people who are their role models, they will answer with the name of some famous actress, singer or sportsmen. BUT what did these people really do to be role models?

First, what is a role model?

It is basically a person whose behavior, character and success is exemplary and to which people aspire.

Why do we need role model?

In our everyday life, we tend to forget what is essential, important and beneficial to us or we need that extra push of motivation to get going. Role models act as a reminder of what we could do, how we could behave, to what we could aspire to become a better and more successful person.

Who are our role models today?

Most role models today are celebrities of some kind. These role models often have done nothing “important” apart from appearing in a movie, singing a song or kicking a ball, well that and becoming famous. Some of them might even be bad role models as they tend to only enjoy their life by partying, drinking, taking drugs and being promiscuous. But people idealise them sometimes through their “fake life” (aka TV shows and movie characters).

How is that a role model can influence people so much? Continue reading


Have you ever really thought about the concept of Prison or Jail as we know it today?

In today’s world, most of us don’t care about prisons unless we or someone we know has been affected by it. We are good citizens, so why should we bother?

Well we should definetly bother because in most countries, prison is of public matter, not private (or its privatized but it’s still the government who is paying and actually taxpayers are funding the profits the government makes out of these privatized prisons). What does this mean? This means that the taxes you pay, the hardly and honestly earned salary you get will be partially used to finance these prisons! Meaning it will be used to feed, cloth and shelter people who have committed crimes in your own society. Even the people affected by those crime will have to pay for their offender. Strange, no? But well it’s for a greater purpose, keeping our criminals locked down and keeping our streets safe… is it?

Because if you think about it twice these criminals are punished by being fed and housed for free. Their only “punishment” is to be excluded from society and occasionally doing some community work.

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“Earth Day”

It’s the new trend recently, everyone is attending, creating or doing activities related to Earth Day.

To be honest, thinking about this makes me sad, not because we do not care or think about our environment (it doest make me sad) BUT because we need a day to remind ourself to think about earth.

The fact that we have celebration “Days” shows clearly how much we are selfish and too busy with OUR lives and unimportant things.

We do remember to check the latest football game results everyday/week, to watch our favourite show every week, to go shopping with friends on the weekends, to check our emails daily, to check facebook several times a day…

How is it so much difficult to think everyday about earth and to be conscious of the greatness of nature and how to preserve it. How is it unusual to dedicate a few minutes everyday to reflect about the environment surrounding us, the blessings we have and to be grateful for everything.

Why would we need a “mother’s Day” when we should think about our mother, thank and love her everyday.

Why would we need a “water Day” when we know how valuable water is and how important it is to save it and preserve it for the whole world’s benefit.

The same goes for so many others DAYS such as friendship, wildlife, woman (that’s even another topic altogether!), tree, any kind of disease…

Some would say but it’s still a good thing to remind people and raise awareness. The truth is yes it is good, but why aren’t we remind ourselves and everyone else on a daily basis, why is this a once in a year thing? Don’t you think it’s sad and we should do something about it?!!


First, let’s see some definition of Terrorism:

Oxford Dictionaries Online: “The unofficial or unauthorized use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims”.

Merriam webmaster: “the use of violent acts to frighten the people in an area as a way of trying to achieve a political goal”

Nowadays, Terrorism is mainly associated with Muslim extremists and to some small extend to religions in general. However, when we look closer, statistics say otherwise:

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Liebster Award…

LieSo a few weeks ago, I was nominated to the Liebster Award. To be honest I had no idea what this was or what I would get… Is there a prize or something?

Well, what I have come to learn is that there is not “a prize” nor “a winner” per se. So what is it for?

Quite simple. It is a way for people to encourage other bloggers who don’t have much followers in order to boost their blog by displaying their work. I actually got some followers out of it and discovered other interesting blogs too.

So thank you Random Bytes From life for your nomination 😉

(You can find the rules at the end of the post).

First, the answer to the questions:

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Social and scientific progress & women?

What has stopped all together social, scientific and economical progress, if not Islam by imposing to women to wear the veil and forbade them to mingle with men?”

Sheykh Mohammad Sa’id Ramadan al-Bouti answer:

Who is assuming that the veil that God has prescribed for muslim women to wear only represents heavy linkage from the past and an escape from society toward loneliness and ignorance?

On which reasoning do you link the modesty of women as defined by God to some form of ignorance, stupidity and decadence that Islam supposedly brings?

I would even go further: How do you manage to establish a surrealistic link between the right of a women to take off her clothes and show her most intimate features and at the same time help with the scientific, cultural and industrial progress ? Continue reading

Liberalization you said ?

We all believe today that women in western societies have more freedom, that women have been “liberated” from the oppression of men… but is it really the case?

Of course, nowadays women can control their lives and choose alternatives to rigid old customs. But the question is… is it really a choice? Or are women just doing what we want them to do? Continue reading

It’s ok

What do you think about today’s reality?   Where…


IT’S OK to kill massively people under false pretext (including innocent civilians)

BUT CERTAINLY NOT to defend yourself for survival.

IT’S OK to believe everything the media say

BUT CERTAINLY NOT to search for the truth.

IT’S OK to give your children to strangers to be raised

BUT CERTAINLY NOT to raise your own children at home.

IT’S OK to stay in your comfort zone

BUT CERTAINLY NOT to care for others and help them.

IT’S OK to uncover your body and show intimate parts

BUT CERTAINLY NOT to cover it and be humble in your dressing.

IT’S OK to blind yourself with fake realities and lies

BUT CERTAINLY NOT to face reality and act on it.